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Let Flash make your products a reality

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Flash 600 Ultra plate provides unrivaled protection against a wide range of threats, both ballistic threats and blasts.  Flash 600 Ultra can provide the protection you need, with a reduction in thickness and weight of 25-50% vs AR500 armor plates. It is certified as a Class I Ultra Hard (MIL-DTL 32332).  

Weight reduction: Flash Ultra 600 can provide protection against threats comparable to AR500, with 25%-50% reduction in weight.  

Truly Weldable:  Flash 600 Ultra is possibly the only truly weldable ultra hard under normal  conditions.  Flash 600 Ultra meets the military spec for high hard weldability.  

Civilian Applications: Flash 600 Ultra plate also offers exceptional abrasion resistance and hardness for civilian applications, such as yellow good products.    

Flash coiled steel provides an exceptional combination of strength, formability and weldability, enabling lightweighting of a wide range of stamped products.  

Strength: Flash 1500 has a tensile strength (UTS) of 1500 MPa.  Strength available up to 1800 MPa.     

Highly formable:  Cold stampable into a range of geometries, including automotive B-Pillars and other auto parts.    

Weldable Readily weldable at room temperatue without liquid metal embrittlement.

High-strength tubing (1500-1800 MPa) can be made in all standard geometries, including round, rectangular and bar stock. Bendable to 3T radius. 


Flash rebar is available in sizes 3, 4 and 5, with 120 ksi strength. 

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