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Changing the way you think about

Advanced High Strength Steel

Steel quenching at high temperature in i

Flash Steelworks' unique steel processing technology will change the way you think about ultra high strength steel.  We have developed a revolutionary thermal processing cycle that is capable of strengthening steel to levels previously only dreamed of, while offering exceptional formability and weldability.

The Flash™ system produces steel with an exceptional combination of mechanical properties, including strength, formability and weldabilty --all at a cost savings to existing ultra high strength steels. 

The exceptional strength allows users to reduce steel thickness and weight by 25%-50%.  

Flash Ultra 600 Armor plate provides unrivaled ballistic and blast protection against a wide range of threats.  It is believed to be the only truly weldbable Ultra Hard armor plate available today.    

Why Flash

Exceptional Strength

Tensile strength of

1500-1800 MPa 

Flash Ultra 600 armor provides unrivaled ballistic and blast protection against a range of threats

Highly Formable 

Cold stampable coiled steel at 1600MPa+

Bends to Sheet metal bends to 1T radius; Tubing bends to to 3T radius

'Truly' Weldable

Weldable in normal conditions without liquid metal embrittlement

Cost Saving

The Flash process is a surprisingly low cost way to produce high value steel, resulting in cost savings for end-users

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how you can start using Flash 

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